At home

Tired again. I make some changes and then I end up right back on the old path- working too much, eating junk or just drinking coffee and then plunging in bed. Today was one of those days again. I was supposed to be home at 3 and take another walk in the woods with Sam and instead I wasn´t home until 8 and too tired to even speak. Don´t get me wrong, nobody´s forcing me to work this much, it´s just that in this game, you´re either in our you´re out. I kind of feel that I have to. And I love my work while I´m doing it, so it´s easy to forget how tired I feel afterwards.

Enough about that. There´s something about fall and the cold sneaking up on us again, I feel so grateful for having a home, a place of my own, a warm and cosy cave to creep into. I never feel so attached to my home and my little family as I do this time of the year. Thought I´d share some pictures of my home and loved ones with you.












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