Every fall I get taken aback by nostalgia. I´m an autumn gal, born in September and my whole being is very much like fall- always in search for colour, restless and melancholic. I have this recurring image that hunts me: I´m a skinny 14 year old girl, sitting under the quince tree in my grandma´s garden, in a t-shirt, it´s September and I´m happy. The quince tree died a while ago and my grandma moved into my brother´s old bedroom at my parents´.  I haven´t been 14  for 19 years now and fall will never be what it was that particular sunny day. Still, that´s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of fall. I love fall for its return to routine (virgos are known for our need for things to be as they have always been). I find joy in the freshness of the air, in starting wearing my autumn clothes, in meeting friends again. Summer is amazing, but it´s such a disruption of everyday life. And although I live my life suspended on dreams and plans, I feel safe in my everyday moments. Thought I´d share some with you.

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