Dark Days

I’ve been feeling very afraid lately. This Trump business is as bleak as they come and, for my part, much worse than imagined. In the context of my trip to Berlin where I was reminded of the Holocaust everywhere, what’s happening in the world now is pretty scary shit.

An then there’s my people: Romanians failed to elect a sane government and instead brought in office the same old commie villains who have now signed an emergency decree making it easy peasy to be corrupt and get away with it.skjermbilde-2017-02-02-08-45-52And if that wasn’t enough, the interpreting field is very frustrating to work within, the state does little else these days besides cutting costs here and saving money there, all of it at the interpreters’ expense.

Otherwise I find it hard to cope with winter, I’m still tired all the time and I still need to nap a lot, which I do as soon as the chance arrives. And that in its turn leaves me feeling like I haven’t done anything the entire day, which in its turn makes me feel lazy and inefficient.skjermbilde-2017-02-02-08-35-41 Continue reading