Blue tones

I found these beauties on Pinterest and they describe my mood nowadays. Although today was a glorious day- the sun was shining and I had a couple of assignments that felt more like hanging out with buddies than actual working- my mind has been dark and melancholic for a while now. I´m difficult to please, I need a lot of variation so I don´t drown in the mundane and at the same time a lot of sleep, I constantly search for a way to get more satisfaction from my daily life without having to resort to shopping as a means of instant gratification, and so on and so forth. It´s not as bad as it sounds, but the regular series watching and other people´s post work out joy doesn´t cut it for me. To sum it up in a funny way: I need some cheap hobbies! Haha! 😉 I´m thinking of taking up photography for real. I also enjoy reading, but for now I don´t have the peace of mind needed. Any other suggestions?

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