Feeling a bit down

I feel like watching Spirited Away in bed, with a giant ice-cream bucket in my lap and Beo by my side. I´ve just turned 36 and, although I had a lovely birthday- flowers and champagne included- it was also tearful, with a touch of bitterness. I sat down for the first time with my soon to be ex-husband and we had a glass of wine, talking about old stuff and new stuff, like each other´s significant other, and it was so good and so absurd, it could have been a scene in one of these modern dramas.


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I’m opening an Airbnb

I´ve been talking about it for ages, postponing all the time due to lack of time, inconsistency as well as a generally over furnished apartment and life. But now it´s happening! I need to order a bed, some curtains and a small coffee table, give the room a fresh coat of paint and tidy up a bit and I´m there! In a couple of weeks’ time I hope to be on the site.

I haven´t taken any pictures of my home recently, but if you´ve read my blog you´ll know I like mid-century design with a splash of colour. I promise fresh smelling bed sheets, flowers on the bedside table, lots of coffee and a giant pancake breakfast-although I´ve never been a morning person- haha!

Meanwhile I´m getting some inspiration here and there.


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A lovely Parisian corner

My husband is back from Paris and he was so inspired I felt it was a good choice to stay at home and let him experience the big city on his own. He was lucky to stay in a lovely apartment in Bastille and the owners made him feel so welcome he felt at home at once. I fell in love with  the apartment the moment I saw the first picture! For those of you planning a trip to Paris anytime soon, check out Tanguy´s place on airbnb.com. The owners are New Yorker Tanguy and Parisian Lou and they´ll greet you as if you were their own friend. Their home is warm and cosy and mirrors their extensive travels, a successful mixture of American humor and French refinement. Take a look and see what you think! We´re planning a trip there in spring and guess where we´ll stay?!;-)

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