Summer 2020

Alina tran 65

On account of this stupid virus and since Madde is so little, we decided not to go anywhere this summer. Instead, we’ve been waiting for the sun to come back and although the hot days of June seem to be gone for now, we’ve done our best with the Scandinavian temperatures of 18-21 degrees. We’ve been meeting friends for coffee or beer, roaming the woods with Sam and Madde (in a pram!) or cooking a better meal at home. And is there anything more summerly than a bottle of bubbles? Sometimes a label catches my eye and this is how we ended up with this cremant– it tasted like unripe apples and the sea. 

Alina tran 66

My existential anxiety subsided and I found myself working on my short stories again, hoping I might be able to send some of them to a publisher when Madde starts kindergarten. I’m not happy with them yet, but I think I might make them work on the long run. And then I decided to work on my photographer portfolio. 9-5 is not the answer, not if I don’t want my body to turn worse and my muscular pains to take over, the way they did back when I was working at the bank.

Alina tran-2 35

Otherwise I’ve been reading and reading, Madde has gotten bigger and can play for herself for a little while and her father being at home on a holiday helps a lot. I recommend De håpefulle by Nicolai Houm and You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian.

I’ll leave you here, I need to walk Sammy now. It’s raining and there’s no more coffee in the house and all I feel like doing is snooze. 😉

xxx, Alina

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