Getting Ready for the Big Move

Although I moved away from home at 19 and lived more places than I care to remember since, this one is the Big Move. Not that the apartment in itself is much bigger than the last place I had downtown, in my previous life, but it is definitely more up to date- we’ll have each our own sink in the bathroom and Madde will have her own room from the day she’s born! 😉 Plus the last couple of years we’ve lived in F’s condo and I had to put most of my stuff in a storage box. And boy does it hurt not to have your belongings around when you invest so much feelings in your things. (I know, I should deal with my hoarding problems, but that’s for another entry. ;-))

Back to our new place- since you don’t always pick the long straw in life, this time I feel we did! Not only did we get it for a good price, but the sellers are super nice and asked us if we wanted lots of stuff, like extra shelves and furniture for the baby room. And are you kidding me? We don’t even have a driver’s license, let alone a car, so this will not only save us a buck or two, but lots of time and favors from friends if we were to get the things elsewhere. And they were perfectly nice things, no wonder this planet is going under, when people seem to be giving away most of their stuff every time they move places.

Pregnancy-wise I’m fine, getting heavier and heavier and my pelvis has been acting up the past couple of days, making walking a painful affair. I can’t wait to give birth and go back to my slim self, to sleeping on my tummy and not walking like an old lady anymore. Haha!

Otherwise, there’s not much happening work-wise, but I’ve got my hands full with the apartment and Sam, with signing this and that paper and following up this and that appointment. I can’t wait for the apartment to be put on sale and hopefully be sold at once, so that we can at least focus our attention on our new home.

Today it’s sunny, we’ve had pancakes for brunch, then I took a longer walk with Sam (the pelvis didn’t begin to hurt until I came home- haha!) and now I’m waiting for F to come back from his mom’s and start painting the mouldings.

Take care!

xxx, Alina


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