Back to Real Life

31 weeks into my pregnancy and moving into our new home in just 5 weeks, being back on track doesn’t really begin to cover it. After the holidays, we have to do what’s needed to evaluate, style and sell the apartment, as well as apply for parental benefits, go to work, walk Sammy and purchase the rest of the stuff the baby needs- like pram, diapers and clothes for the first two months. What can I say, with this terrible cold and the dark outside, I feel overwhelmed before even starting. Thank God I’m not working until Tuesday afternoon and so tomorrow I’m calling my chiropractor, fetching Sam and easing into things.

81471149_10156756770091711_310175945342320640_nThis Bucharest escapade was supposed to help a bit, you know, a break from daily routine and chores, but instead it made us just as cranky as the people we met at the airport 6 days before. There was nothing to do except for eating and drinking coffee, not that we would have had the time, ’cause being with the family and meeting friends took all the hours in a day and still we didn’t see half of them. On top of that, we tried to nurture our cold with natural remedies, because I’m not allowed to use anything else in case it might damage the baby and it didn’t help much, ’cause we’re still sleeping in separate rooms because of the coughing and snoring.


The only thing that really made a difference was the sun. Every day we woke up with a sun ray creeping into our bedroom and although we were grumpy and sick, it made us eager to start the day. No sunshine to speak of in Oslo and all I feel like doing is sitting on the couch with a blanket and a book.

Apart from that, the restaurants we tried had pretty good food and pretty bad service. I thought I stopped caring, but in fact I think I secretly hoped they had changed. But no. If you want good service, choose yourself an informal place like Koketerie, talk too much to the waiter, so he remembers you and don’t forget to give a generous tip. 😉

Disappointed once again about the fact that the family wants to eat you alive, but shows little interest in your person except for your basic needs- cold, hunger, etc. Every time I tried to start a conversation, I was interrupted, every chance they got to hijack a line, they did it. And so it feels like there’s no point. But hey, it might just be me, I’m in a pretty bad mood lately.

xxx, Alina


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