Counting down to Christmas


This is pretty much what Oslo looks like these days, although the trees are no longer green, since this picture was taken sometime in May/June. 😉 But yeah, lots of rain and umbrellas and Chinese tourists. When it’s not sunny, as it was yesterday, and all you feel like is find a little spot of sunshine to enjoy your Darjeeling on. 

I’ve been very busy this week, met a friend for drinks and chat on Monday, interpreted at a book launch on Tuesday- F was there to cheer for me and took me out to Japanese street food afterwards-  and today I’m beat. I’m staying put for the better part of the day, I’ll try to catch up on reading and maybe take a couple of pictures for school, although it’s so dark outside, they’ll probably turn out crappy. Or I could just play with old photos on Photoshop. You see, I hate Photoshop, unless I need it to do something I’ve been thinking of for a long time. For assignments and such, I’d rather pull my own hair than use it. Talk about getting older without getting more mature. Haha!

There’s a new wine bar in town, such a cosy one and central, too. It’s called Esaias and you can see what they’re up to on their insta page. I for one, had to stick to elderflower juice, but enjoyed the atmosphere, the light and the interior, nevertheless.

My Madde is 5 months now, we went to see her at this ultra sound and she was so cute, pulling a duck face every second minute and F blurted out: she looks just like you when you sleep! Haha! I wouldn’t want to see myself sleep, I replied. 😉

I’ll go to my chores and leave you to yours. Feeling so tired I could go back to sleep although I woke up just an hour ago.

xxx, Alina


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