Busy Days

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but my photographer activities have been scarce and as much as it saddens me to admit it, nobody reads an entry without a picture any more, myself included.

Skjermbilde 2018-02-06 kl. 10.01.22.png

Yet I feel chatty today, so I’m trying. 🙂 I’ve been good lately, so good that I actually started to make some changes around here. Winters are very long in Norway and even though hibernating is alluring, I’m doing my best not to give in to temptation, since a seasonal depression is lurking around the corner at all times. Although depression/antidepressants leave me with little energy as it is and I have to prioritize my activities all the time, I’ve been fearless (haha) and started with ice-skating. And I love it, I just suck at it! I don’t fall that much, it’s more a matter of playing it safe and using one leg instead of both, which gives me a horrible pain in that one leg and the certainty that I’ll grow a hideous looking muscle where there should be none. 😉 haha! I bought some real winter gear and even if all this doesn’t really make me love winter, at least I’m not freezing any more. 😉

Also, I’m starting a photography course in March, I want to learn a bit more about using a camera and about composition. Photography has brought me so much joy in the past years, I want to take it to the next level. I’ve been envying people who actively make time for their hobbies and then I realized it’s up to me to do the same. Sure, some weeks are worse than others, but taking one evening off to use on something I enjoy should be doable, even for me. 😉

I’m also going back to driving, I’m actually starting tomorrow with a new teacher and a car with automatic transmission. I need to be able to drive, I hate myself for all the times I have to take a cab and even more for the times I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, come rain or come snow, no busses going and no trains in sight. And for all the times I have to ask people I don’t know (in my line of work) if they can give me a lift, like I was a stray dog. haha! I’m sure you can relate. 

Otherwise, we’re going to Amsterdam in a month’s time for a long weekend and I can’t wait to wander around the canals, have coffee with Andra from Amsterdamming and drinks with Oana from bestiacreata. The only “sight” on my list is the house where Anne Frank went into hiding, F feels it’s too imposing, so maybe I’ll do it on my own.

For the Protestant Easter we’re going to Romania for a whole week! Last time I spoke to Diana, my niece, she asked me if I was coming alone (I was supposed to travel this month, but I postponed) and when I answered yes and wondered if I was still welcome she said: “Sure, but make sure it never happens again”. haha! She cracks me up every time we speak! That’s her, the little rascal, when she was two and a half.

Skjermbilde 2018-02-06 kl. 10.02.30.png

Life’s been slow, we’ve been to a couple of parties, ate out a couple of times, I’ve made my pancakes on Saturdays or Sundays, F treated us to his scrambled eggs for lunch during the weekend, Sam got his walkies and I met a friend for a glass a couple of times, too.

Skjermbilde 2018-02-06 kl. 10.01.06.png

Last, but not least, I’m done with the first book from Knausgård’s My Struggle and can’t wait to start on the second. Back to work now, got lots of invoices I haven’t yet sent.

xxx, Alina

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