Romania in 2017

There was no time, there’s never enough time to do all the things I want to and see all the people I’ve missed. 5 days with a tight schedule, some work and a bit of travel on top of that left me with hardly a spare second.


I did have time for some observations, though. And while I always miss Romania and I feel a strong longing for it when I’m in Norway, I don’t think I could live there anymore. First and foremost, the life in Bucharest is so busy, I have no clue how people survive their hectic week. Of course, I wouldn´t need to live there, but most of my family lives around there, so moving to Romania just to live in Cluj is like moving to Norway to live in Svalbard (of course I’m exaggerating). Second, the pay is so bad for normal people that there’s literally no money left after the bills are paid. Third, the political climate is a disaster that made more and more people consider leaving the country for good. And then there’s how women are viewed in a patriarchal and pretty archaic society. No thanks. Still, there’s something amazing about being able to live where you grew up and where your family is, even though they’re disturbed and deranged,  they’re still yours. _MG_1301.JPG

So I leave you with a couple of artsy pictures I took on my second day around town with my brother. I could envision myself starting a coffee shop somewhere in Romania, but not doing the actual work, just owning it. Haha! _MG_1297.JPG



Until that day, see you around!

xxx, Alina

3 thoughts on “Romania in 2017

  1. 🙂 „how women are viewed in a patriarchal and pretty archaic society” – never thought much about that in this sick society Romania is nowadays… but there is much truth in this perspective of yours, being kind of an outsider… even if born here, I guess. We considered leaving this country more then once, and then decided to stay. Again and again. It seems like leaving it is no option for us as a family. But it is refreshing to have this out-side look upon this life we live here. Makes me smile. Not so much the political disaster – and you couldn’t be closer to reality with your view!

    1. I’m sorry I nailed it so well. I’ve been away for 17 years, I left at 20. My dad and brother drive me crazy when I’m at home and I usually end up in a hotel or an airbnb to avoid them as much as I can.

      1. Oh… I cannot relate, not having a brother, my father being passed away for 17 years… but I am glad you did not give up in coming back from time to time. Enjoyed reading your insight!

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