A Day Trip to Brasov

Although I was only home for 5 days, I made time to celebrate Diana’s birthday, visit my grandma, have coffee at my cousin’s coffee shop and go on a short trip to the mountains, too. We packed our stuff, took with us my mom, Diana and her toys and off we were!_MG_1430.jpg

First, we stopped in Sinaia and ordered some traditional food- bean stew with smoked pork and chicken soup, that we enjoyed in the sun with a cold beer. Summer is back for a couple of weeks and we made sure to make the most of it.



Then we found our way to Brasov, where we’d rented a lovely Airbnb with a garden, it smelled like grapes and pine trees and I felt happy the second I set my foot there. _MG_1419.jpg


The city was bathed in sunlight, fall colored woods as a backdrop, it was so pretty I felt a sting. There and then I realized why I’m so much into traveling in Norway, it’s because there’s little to do, I love real towns bustling with life. _MG_1451.JPG

There were chestnuts to be picked by small girl hands and grandma hands, there were leaves to walk through and flowers to be photographed.




There was even a pussy cat at the airbnb and we let him in to play with us. He got some hot dog and some milk, too. _MG_1496.jpg



Strada Sforii, the Rope Street, is supposed to be the narrowest street in Europe. Scenic. _MG_1554.JPG


I think Diana had a good time, although she wished her mother was with her and her father (although he’s my brother) is an ill-tempered and poorly trained father. I wish I could raise her myself. There’s something sad about poor parents, not only do they do a lot of harm on their children, but they won’t let anybody else do the job better, either.

A bit brokenhearted, I leave you for now.

xxx, Alina


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