Montpellier 2017

You-huu from my holiday paradise! It’s my third time in Montpellier and I absolutely love it! You should definitely book your flights if you haven’t been here already- you have the sea a 15 minutes tram ride away, the old town with its charming piazzas and wine bars, lots of cool shops, a wine festival in July and a couple of dazzling art museums, too. On top of all that, you have the French cuisine, lovely Southern people and a pretty international vibe to it all. 😉

_MG_0982.jpgWe’re here for 2 weeks and that’s our entire summer holiday- Boohoo! 😉 Haha! For now we haven’t done that much, we usually wake up before 9 (because we’ve been so tired and gone to sleep before 11), drink some coffee while I’m reading some pages in my book and F is drawing his impressions, then we have breakfast (either at home or at the nearest coffee shop) and start wandering the streets until it’s time for a glass. Sitting down and watching people go by is my most fun holiday activity, especially families with teenage children who feel so uneasy in their own bodies as well as in their parents’ company that it literally hurts to look at them. haha! I still remember being 17 and so embarrassed by my own folks, I know it’s terrible, but then surviving teenage years is a kind of miracle, if you ask me!


After a session of benign gossiping we go to the market and buy some groceries for lunch or dinner, then come back home for a nap. It’s been so hot these days I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself, so sleeping has been scarce on my part. I usually try it for 10 minutes and then, in a sort of a panic attack settle for a cup of cold coffee with ice cubes and a book. I’ve just finished “The Guest Cat” by Takashi Hiraide and started on another one, an English author this time, I’ll tell you more about it if it proves to be worth mentioning.  (I know, I’m arrogant like that, it’s just that I hate this assumption that if everybody loves a book and you don’t, then you’re missing out on something big!)


Me and F we’ve been together for a year and a half and we’re still trying to figure each other out, I guess it takes some time. I think I come across as a bit of a diva, but really I’m not that demanding and neither is he, we’re just particular on different levels. And so a bit of our energy is used on accommodating each other, but hey, it’s not all roses and champagne, right?


Today we went to the beach in the afternoon- it was sunny, but windy and it felt absolutely amazing to be lying on the sand and not feel the need to dip yourself into the water every 10 minutes, like in Greece.


One of these days we’re going to Sète and Beziers, looking forward to a change of scenery and a common project. Not tomorrow, though. I have a new book to finish, a haircut to get and a tan to work on.



Let me know what you’re up to these days!

See you, pretty babes!


xxx, Alina


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