Midweek Already

Sending happy thoughts and hoping for spring! 😉 This week has been good to me and I’m hoping for a fabulous weekend to top it! 😉 So far I’ve had lunch with Gordana in one of my favourite restaurants- Taste of China, that recently moved to new and beautiful premises by the Oslo City Council-, I got my Sammy back yesterday and we’ve cuddled lots and now I’m making some yummy couscous with marinated chicken just to celebrate I’m alive and still very much in love with my guy. 😉

Skjermbilde 2017-02-22 18.25.32.png

These days it’s Fastelaven, the last days before the fasting started in the olden days, so I get to gorge myself on Sørlandsbolle- Southern Norwegian Bun, wrapped in chocolate and filled with a vanilla cream that makes you lick your fingers. 😉

Skjermbilde 2017-02-22 18.27.06.png

Snow visited us again this morning and by tomorrow it’ll be gone again, but at least the polar bear had some fun while it lasted. 😉


Easy on the eye, too. Don’t particularly like it on my feet, but what the hell, we haven’t seen as much of it this winter, so I guess I won’t complain. PS. My dad says I’m complaining all the time and I’m never happy, so this is me being happy! 😉


Have a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

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