Awaiting a real winter or maybe spring, I find it hard to tell the days apart and all I feel like is sleep under the covers. Work has been scarce up until now, but by next week I’ll be back on track and that’ll at least take my mind off the winter blues. I could pack a suitcase and run away with my love to Cuba, where a fellow blogger just spent what seem to have been glorious days.Skjermbilde 2017-01-13 09.08.13.png

I’m also waiting to get paid, so I can’t really do anything fun, like baking “costly” cakes or painting the two rooms still in need of TLC. What a bore! I did read a couple of books, though and they reminded me that reading is the best escape from one’s own dull life. I should definitely do more of that. Skjermbilde 2017-01-13 09.08.40.png

Otherwise, we’re going on a very short trip to Berlin next weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary with some roaming around half empty streets, weissbier and thai cuisine. (No offence, but german food is like Romanian Tuesday food at best, schnitzel and sauerkraut, thanks but no thanks!) I will have a couple of currywurste, though! 😉 Can’t help it, they’re so good!

My baby has been with me for two weeks now and I’m torn between feeling a bit drained and then not knowing how I’ll manage without him for a whole week. 😉

How’s your January so far?

xxx, Alina


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