Stavanger in Winter Clothes

The second half of this year I’ve spend working my ass off, billing and paying debts and I’m still miles away. 😦 Luckily I’ve had a couple days out of town here and there, so I used each opportunity to have a short city break. And Stavanger was no exception. I was there in court with a good friend of mine for two days and we had a blast. Heroines by day, superwomen by night. Haha! I’m exaggerating, of course, all we did was have a late dinner on the first evening and an early one the second one. But it felt so good catching up, no kids to tend to, no dog to walk, lots of time to buy the last Xmas gifts (for her) and to get a Xmas haircut (for me)._mg_0053I’ve blogged about Stavanger before, it’s my second favourite Norwegian town after Bergen, so I feel really lucky when I get to visit. This time Xmas was in the air and there were light decorations everywhere, free gingerbread in every shop and mulled apple juice served in every café. And I loved it, the town was so pretty pretty, although a bit wet and dark, but I was grateful it didn’t rain. _mg_0041_MG_0051.jpgWe also met with a good friend of ours back from the golden days of interpreting studies over an early dinner  chatting, laughing and gossiping about the “high achievers” in our branch while drinking a Prosecco or three._mg_0036The evenings I spent in bed in front of a  huge TV casting American reality rubbish- how to get a partner if you’re a successful man/woman. OMG, the guy wanted 6 kids and the woman wanted her potential partner to shave off his beard. Talk about narrow-mindedness. But then again, what would one expect from such a shallow concept! I’m happy I’m not out there anymore, I’m telling you!_MG_0054.jpgThese days are all about Xmas preparations, I need to start baking, had hoped I’d do some of it today, but instead we attended my annual Xmas brunch with the Karoubis, my best friend couple, his 3 boys, the older guys’ girlfriends and Makrell the cat (yes, it means mackerel)._mg_0037We had a nice gathering by the fire, opened presents (we got lots!) and petted the cat. It felt like the family I never had, everybody nice and funny and warm towards each other, no exaggerated worries from anybody, no high expectations from others, just family. _mg_0038How is your Advent? How do you spend it with friends and family? Tell me all about it! ❤_MG_0047.jpg_mg_0049_mg_0056_MG_0057.jpgI’ll leave you with a Prosecco and the best onion soup I’ve ever had, at Bevaremegvel in Stavanger. _mg_0058xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “Stavanger in Winter Clothes

  1. Helloo! You have a family who miss you! Don’t worry I know what you wish to say, but still you have us!!!Remember that! Kiss kiss
    Your young auntie!
    Big (no, huge hug)😚

    1. Draga de tine! Te iubi si eu si-mi lipsesti mult! Ne vedem cand vin data viit. la Bucuresti si o s-avem m mult timp, ca pe “cei mici” i-am dat la scarbe si nici nu vreau sa mai aud de ei!

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