November Weekend

I had a horrendous Friday, don’t feel like going into any details, you’ll have to trust me on that. And since I’d rented out my apartment for the weekend I had to sit in a corner on the couch and try not to shed any hair, which made me even more miserable. haha! 14962714_10154006400071711_3189494924354844671_nBut then we went out for a bite at Fiskeriet and we had some oysters and white wine and I slowly started to relax and let go.14980719_10154006400051711_2498557898586554567_nThe traditional stockfish is used in bacalao, one my favourite dishes ever and my main course for that evening. I’m so making it one day and sharing my recipe with you!14910325_10154010688931711_491871914747517776_nYesterday was a lot better. We went out for lunch and coffee and ended up at Mr. Franck’s for a glass of red wine and some cuddles with Makrell, this cuteness of a Tom boy. 14925304_10154010689026711_1951002810517004606_nIn the evening we made Thai laksa and had a beer in from of the TV. I was never very fond of going out, but I’m telling you, I’m turning into a biddy! Hope you had a good weekend!

xxx, Alina

3 thoughts on “November Weekend

    1. That’s right, stockfish. I keep forgetting its name, even though I’ve translated in a bigger case where narcotics were smuggled disguised as stockfish. hah!

    2. Thank you for your compliment, although my pics were regular Iphone snaps this time. Bacalao in Norway is the name of a dish (Portuguese, I think) and apparently they export a lot of stockfish to Portugal, Spain and Italy and they use it for their dish. Bacalao in Portuguese I think means the fish itself. I for one prefer fresh cod to be honest, but hey, you can’t have it all! 😉

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