Fall in Oslo

If you still have a couple of days of holiday left and you don’t know where to go, you should see Oslo in the fall, before the snow sets in. It’s so pretty! Walking around with Sam today, before parting with him for another week, I decided to take my camera with me, risking to look like a hobo with a fancy lens, and capture the neighbourhood’s bonhomie._MG_9942.jpgWhen we got to the park, pupils by the neighbouring school were in recess, playing ball and running around like kids do. Several of them came to us and asked if they could pet Sam and he was happy to give them a paw and a couple of wet kisses. _mg_9924After a pose where he was being his most pretty self, Sammy ran to a kid and stole his tennis ball, then jumped around in circles, barking “take it if you can” and laughing at our attempts to catch him. _mg_9917They say it’ll snow on Friday and you could feel the air crisp with winter. I’d forgot my gloves and my hands were white and shaky._MG_9929.jpgMy airbnb is going well, this weekend I have a Norwegian family staying with me and they’re looking forward to it, so I’m buying fresh flowers and candles to make it cosy._mg_9926_MG_9932.jpgStrutting around like a king, Sammy boy is such a darling, I feel like hugging and kissing him all the time. _mg_9948“Mom, I found a ball! Can I take it?” “Ok, since it’s you.” 😉_MG_9951.jpgHave a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

5 thoughts on “Fall in Oslo

  1. I was there 1 week ago. But not for Oslo, for Tromso and Aurora Borealis. It was rainy and Oslo looks like a sad city. But I found it beautiful 🙂

    1. Oslo is not sad, but I get what you’re saying. I visited Tromsø in the summer some years ago and it was pouring and so I got the same feeling. Did you have a nice trip, though?

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