All the Pretty Things

It´s a rainy Sunday morning and it´s good to be tucked away from the world and just dream of pretty things, instead of paying bills, sending invoices and worrying about my finances, like I should. 😉 Sounds familiar?cocktail-sockervadd-skumpa-700x525I´m looking forward to summer, champagne, perhaps a holiday in Italy and just daring to start over. I bought a couple of new plants, began treating myself to fresh flowers again and I´m thinking of decorating the apartment a bit differently, too. That might mean I need to let go of some stuff (like magazines and some furniture), but hey, you need a clean house for a clean mind, right?

I fancy myself drinking champagne from these pretty cups. What about cotton candy cocktails?! Sure! nutellatryffel-enkel-receptHome-made truffles for a girls´night in? Yes, please! Just need to set the date!champagne-ellematovinI have so much stash I don´t even know where to start when it comes to giving away or selling s0me of it. Still, I have no champagne glasses- the two we´d got for our wedding (in my previous life) got broken at one point and I never bothered to buy new ones, ´cause I didn´t have any place for them, anyway. industriminne_foto_petrabindel_hylla-700x934I like to think I´m not too bad at decorating, but these shelves are so inspirational! Now I only need to get hold of an old writing machine (NOT!)! haha!positano-fonsterWaking up with such a view would even make a forever depressed soul like me shiver with joy! positano-balkongAnd a continental breakfast on a terrace like this. Oh yes, bring it on!08-art-deco3-700x933I´ve been collecting mirrors for ages, I had to sell a couple of them because they weren´t as appreciated by my significant other (at that time), but guess who´s looking for new investments now?! 😉 Haha! I have my priorities set straight, at least.. 😉 haha!12-art-deco-700x956Not a single bad word about my bedroom, but it´s just not even close to being as stylish as this one! I want some new, fresh linen bedding, in warm colours, new floors to walk on and freshly painted walls, please! 13-art-deco-700x692Always been a sucker for art deco and the so called new art deco is ever hotter! Just take a look at this decadent piece of wonder! (probably costs as much as two Italian holidays, meaning a month of trials for my part, but hey, dreaming is free of charge!)02-art-deco-tapet-700x1045Fixtures in antique copper make my heart skip a beat. (yes, we´re so dramatic, we Romanians! ;-)) And marble! I could just die happy on top of a marble counter. haha!

What are your plans for the summer? And what do you think of mine? ❤

xxx, Alina


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