Weekends are tough. I´m not sleeping enough and the whole week I can´t wait for the opportunity to sleep in, but instead I end up in a pool of sweat,  waking up several times a night, panick-stricken over being alone.


Yesterday I felt like going to a movie and I had two viable choices, some friends of mine were going to see “The Revenant” and then there was this Jamaican movie they were playing in Cafeteateret, 5 minutes from me, in case I was too lazy to be bothered to take the bus. But then I went to a Thai massage and she rubbed me in tons of hot oil and I was literally freezing after getting out of there. I decided I should be sane enough to manage an evening on my own and so I stayed in. What a poor choice! I couldn´t even watch a movie, needless to say I can´t concentrate on reading, didn´t feel like cooking, so I ate some crap and so on. What a sad Friday night in! Why do I do this to myself?


Today I´m not repeating the mistake. And tonight I´m taking a sleeping pill. But until that, I´m meeting friends for coffee, walking Sammy, buying a new Chemex (coffee device) since I broke the last one, some bread and humus for breakfast and take a long shower to clean yesterday´s sleepless night off my body.

Speaking about the body, I´m looking in the mirrror and I can´t believe I´m the owner of this skinny, cute body! (don´t mean to brag!) It´s just that I haven´t been this skinny since- EVER! haha! 😉 I had to be 35 before I could say I was happy with the way I look! haha!

Tonight we´re celebrating Merete´s birthday at Kampen Bistro, I´m so putting on a dress and red lipstick! 😉

xxx, Alina


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