“Migrant writers”

Yesterday I attended an exciting event where three writers who´d escaped war or oppressive regimes talked about their story and discussed literature as being universally relevant, no matter what one chooses to write about. I couldn´t agree more with the last part, in fact, that´s why reading is such a journey, both for the mind and for the soul, in my opinion. If you only read about things you already know about, it wouldn´t be this enriching.



The concept of “migrant writers” was launched and one of them said that the politically correct term now would be “intercultural writers”. I like both appellations, but I agree that the second is better constructed. In fact, the migration part is hardly the interesting one, the fact that one has combined different cultures within oneself is the point.

They touched the topic of how one changes personality from language to language and I smiled to myself, knowing that it´s so true in my case, although I feel at ease in both Romanian, Norwegian and English, it´s in Romanian I can really make people crack up.

I realised the only thing I´ve ever really wanted was to write. I don´t think I have the commitment and discipline to become a “real writer”, but there´s nobody stopping me from writing, nevertheless.

Cheers for that! Have a great weekend! I´m set on having a good one! 😉

xxx, Alina



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