If you’re in Oslo during summer, you have to dine at Nodee! They have a lovely terrace, amazing Asian food and heating lamps, too! We took my mother and aunt there a couple of weeks ago to celebrate their getaway from work, a demanding grandchild and duties in general. And they loved it to bits!

We put on our best clothes (my mother was prepared for rain and misery, so she had to make do with her jeans outfit), a pretty smile and we were good to go! 😉

For mains we ordered crispy duck and as appetisers- 4 different dishes to share- some crab nigiri, mirin-glazed cod, dumplings and fried salmon skin. Everything was exquisite and the service, unlike in most Asian places, flawless.


The heating lamps helped a lot when the air became as crisp as the duck and we had such a good time laughing and chatting the evening away. (mostly about the Indian guy, if you recall!) 😉IMG_6747

We had a couple of bottles of Prosecco (I wish I knew which now) and the bubbles “got to our head” pretty fast, as my mother put it, soon we became quite jolly and giddy. (hihi!)IMG_6755


I gave my mother my owl earrings (I´m going through a phase now when I don´t wear that much jewellery) and she was reluctant to accept: “Where would I go in Romania with birds hanging off my years?” haha! I replied: “To a wedding, to a restaurant..Not to the market place!” haha! She wasn´t convinced, but she took them with her. IMG_6758

The duck was sensational! Served in small pancakes, with cabbage, leek and cucumber, and dipped in sauce, it gave you an instant feeling of happiness. I don´t know about you, but food is my biggest love! 😉

We even got dessert, a waitress that used to work with Vuong in a Vietnamese restaurant some years ago came with it “on the house”! Now that´s service! It was a pannacotta jello something, entirely delicious.  Unfortunately the light was pretty bad by then, so I didn´t bother to photograph it.

Hope you felt inspired enough to pay our city a visit, or at least book a table at your local Asian restaurant. 😉

xxx, Alina

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