Snowy weather

These days have been slow and good for the soul. I´ve been cooking, decluttering and selling a few items on the internet, walking Sammy and dreaming of sunny holidays.

Friday I only worked for a few hours and it proved to be a lot of fun, we were several interpreters waiting for an hour or two in the Court House lobby and had a blast discussing beginner´s errors and such.  Later on I had some drinks with a friend at Café Amsterdam, discussing professional pitfalls (how you can avoid laughing when the situation is soooo comic), Norwegian-born husbands and Romanian inhibitions. I wrapped up the day with Mr Selfridge on Netflix. I love that series! 😉

Saturday we went for a never-ending hike (6km) in the snow with Sam, part of it on the ski-lane (no fun), but it was so beautiful it almost hurt my eyes! Istagram doesn´t do it justice, I´ll give it a try anyway. We walked and walked and it felt we´d never get there. In the end it was so foggy we couldn´t see more than a meter in front of us, so we had to ask hundreds of times for Frognerseteren, where we had dinner and a beer. 😉  Tired and beat, we took a nap before some friends came over and we had some laughs over take-away pizza and Prosecco.

Yesterday we visited my in-laws and had some yummy Vietnamese food. My mother-in-law is a magician in the kitchen and she had marinated two ginormous white fish for us, 2 pieces in one bag, so the only thing we´d have to do is take it out of the freezer, fry it, cook the rice and slice the cucumber. 😉

Today I did some accountancy and tried to restore normality with smoothies and avocado on crackers. Unfortunately, I bought some Corona in the evening, because, you know, Mondays..

I´ll get to my book for an hour or two, reading a compelling novel in Romanian. Something French. Tell you about it later. 😉

xxx, Alina

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