Living room styling

We went to a party on Saturday, in fact two of them! The first one was in the lovely apartment of Melissa Hegge from Ideastosteal, damn, does she have a cool place! We were stunned! So many artifacts and so beautifully gathered, it felt like a gallery. We literally  went from room to room and took pictures!

The other party was on a roof terrace just a couple of blocks´away with a view over Galgeberg. Our lovely host Mona was not pleased with us for needing to go and walk Sammy like a pair of  Cinderellas before midnight. 😉

Now it´s a fact that a party every now and then is therapy for body and soul and this time was no exception. In addition to new people and subjects of conversation, good laughs and a bit of cake to sin with, Melissa´s interior was such an inspiration! What do you think?


Yesterday I worked at an excruciatingly boring translation that took most of the day, but we managed to find a little time to rearrange the living room. And now we´re so pleased we can´t really understand how we didn´t think of it before! The apartment looks so much bigger and we get to enjoy our collectibles from every angle of the room. We even found room for our new acquisition, a botanical chart with corn plants. 😉 Our small and bigger pieces of art are also much more at ease on emptier walls. Take a peek!

I promise more and better pictures soon, but for now these we´ll have to do. Holiday mood means lazy, lazy, lazy for my part. Speaking of that, I´m done with my low-carb diet, thought I´d make some fake chocolate mousse from avocado, I´ll be sure to post the recipe tomorrow! 😉 Don´t be a stranger, leave a message if you will!

xxx, Alina



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