Couple of things I can´t stand

As we say in Romania, you shouldn´t let your guard down on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you never know what they might have in store for you. Today was one of those Tuesdays. I´m lucky I love my job, can´t say the same of all the people I meet through it, though…

I can´t stand folks who think I´m a “cutie” just because I´m a woman and I don´t look my age. And don´t get me wrong. You won´t see me wearing short skirts or a revealing cleavage, I´m pretty strict on my appearance. And I´m good at what I do. I can state that since I know how it is to suck, too. Still,  this happens to me all the time. You can read “cutie” in any way you like: silly, lacking skills, to be pushed around, whatever. I end up wasting so much energy on asserting myself like a peacock, I come home exhausted.

In my eyes, you can be feminine as long as you´re not cheap, loud as long as you´re not deranged and still be a professional when it comes down to it. We´re not unidimensional, (and thank God for that!), we can pull it through. I want to be able to do my job in the manner I believe I can do it best, looking the way I do and dressing the way I dress and be taken seriously for what I am. I refuse to walk around as if I had a stick in my behind (the way some of my “colleagues” do) just to get them to acknowledge me!