Grandma’s Place

As you might remember, grandma passed away last November and I’ve been missing her ever since. It’s not that I saw her that often, but I liked to know she was always there. For the past 18 years I made plans to stay with her for a week and learn how to make green walnuts jam, biscuits and cheese pie, but I never got around to do it. She lived in the countryside, she only got a toilet 5-10 years ago, the summers were too hot and the winters too cold and so on. Excuses, excuses. And now she’s no more.

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You taste like summer and fall at once

Like ripe figs and quinces, too

Potent and sugary,

But your skin is bitter-sweet.


I could lie in your arms for a short eternity,

Run your fingers through my hair

They feel like a gentle snow storm

The kind that hides any traces

So you can´t find your way back.


January 2016