Getting there

We´re growing up. A couple without kids grows up pretty slowly. You´re swept in your own routine- working hard, making dinner, watching a movie, being with friends. There are no boundaries to your self-absorbtion, no kindergarten bills to set you straight. The weekends are divided between the things you feel like doing and the things you actually get to do. There are no children´s party to attend and no football classes. So you cultivate the couple and yourself. Friendship and interests. Hobbies.

Our decoration taste has been through pretty much the same process. As a  young couple we were pretty creative, but lacking in  money. When we started feeling we could afford stuff and things we already had a bunch of them. I feel that as long as you have invested in the real deal, getting rid of things after a while is no biggie. I inherited two beautiful antique chairs with inlay and Cordoba leather. Since I grew up with them and asked my parents to transport them over land and sea, I could never part with them. And yet they´re very fragile and not so good to sit on. So I thought I´ll turn them into night tables. But we have a couple of City chairs and a couple of danish design chairs we bought as a bargain and they´re ready to leave our home. Instead, we´ll save for six Y-chairs from Hans Wegner.


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