Love from Cyprus

Inspired by the sudden “heat wave” we´re experiencing (don´t be too jealous, it´s only for three days!) as well as the style files´ Summer Essentials, I discovered a Cyprus-based brand that makes the most appealing sandals. You can visit their Etsy shop here. They´re definitely on my list! 😉

I´ve actually just bought a pair of amazing white sandals from Stefanel and last year I was so lucky as to get my hands on these babies from Ancient Greek Sandals. But hey, who says I don´t need more?!;-) In Norway I won´t be wearing them out any time soon, but as soon as I get to a lovely island in the Mediterranean, I won´t be needing anything else. So breathe in and tell me what you think!

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Tallowin purses

My husband works with leather and since the market in Norway is small, he´s doing a lot of research abroad to place his goods in bigger stores. On one of his daily “wanderings” in the internet design jungle, he stumbled upon Mark Tallowin, a British purse maker. I love the clean lines and the elegant look of his bags! Hope to be able to purchase one very soon! If you want to support quality and small manufacturers, this is definitely the place to start!

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It´s getting cold

Today´s outfit is from Max Mara, one of my all time favorite brands. I love their clean cut elegance, the quality of their fabrics and the luxurious feeling of wearing a truly feminine piece of art. As a student i Bucharest I often walked past their shop in Calea Victoriei, but I never dared enter, it was way out of my price range. As a young woman, I´m building a small Max Mara wardrobe, it takes time, but the pieces are exquisite. And such a joy wearing them! This is what I would wear if money were no issue.

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