Getting there

We´re growing up. A couple without kids grows up pretty slowly. You´re swept in your own routine- working hard, making dinner, watching a movie, being with friends. There are no boundaries to your self-absorbtion, no kindergarten bills to set you straight. The weekends are divided between the things you feel like doing and the things you actually get to do. There are no children´s party to attend and no football classes. So you cultivate the couple and yourself. Friendship and interests. Hobbies.

Our decoration taste has been through pretty much the same process. As a  young couple we were pretty creative, but lacking in  money. When we started feeling we could afford stuff and things we already had a bunch of them. I feel that as long as you have invested in the real deal, getting rid of things after a while is no biggie. I inherited two beautiful antique chairs with inlay and Cordoba leather. Since I grew up with them and asked my parents to transport them over land and sea, I could never part with them. And yet they´re very fragile and not so good to sit on. So I thought I´ll turn them into night tables. But we have a couple of City chairs and a couple of danish design chairs we bought as a bargain and they´re ready to leave our home. Instead, we´ll save for six Y-chairs from Hans Wegner.


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Too cool for school

Back to school for a course this weekend- multicultural perspectives in interpreting. I´ve studied something similar for a year in 2004, but this is a nice reminder of the fact that ethnicity is constructed and that togetherness is as excluding for some groups as it is including for others. This line of thoughts can never be discussed too thoroughly.

On top of that I get to drink lots of coffee with people I like. And practice standing in a toilet queue and chat, the way we did in ninth grade. Lots of fun.

I even found the time to check out three of my favourite shops and I thought I should share those with you.

Swedish COS stands for stylish clean-cut quality clothes.

Filippa K- My all time favourite Swedish brand, delicate and timeless, with a masculin touch

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Our home

I want to introduce you to our messy and maximalist, but friendly home. We´ve been together for ten years now and along our path we´ve collected a lot of things and gadgets, small works of art or simply souvenirs from the places we´ve visited. We´re into mid-century design and would rather save and invest in certain iconic objects from time to time than buy the regular Ikea stuff. On the other hand, I´ve been a student for ages and those years are best described as creative, but lacking in cash.

My office
My office

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À la recherche du temps perdu- design and vintage stores in Palma

Yesterday was our last day of summer holidays and now we´re ready to board our plane and get back to our life. But first I thought I should share those amazing stores with you.

Lovely scandinavian furniture and artisan pillows

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