Summer land

Summer is here at last and the holiday is around the corner! The last couple of weeks have been busy, but not crazy busy and since I finished my photography classes for this semester, I’m slowly finding back to myself. What do you know, I even found some time for my long neglected friends!

IMG_6536On the sunny days my favorite activity is to hang around our terrace with a book or a magazine, stuff myself with watermelon and pet Sam. The balcony garden is green, there’s shamrock hanging over the flower bed (where almost nothing else grows because Sam sleeps there), pelargoniums in the pots and our two strawberry plants are heavy with fruit.


Last week I went to Kristiansand for a couple of days with work and there was enough time to take a stroll, have a drink in the sun, visit a vintage shop and eat dinner at this cosy place by the bay that says “Please don’t feed the birds”. You’d have to know seagulls here are huge and people are not fond of them at all- they’re noisy and cheeky. There’s even a song by the poet/singer Odd BΓΈrretzen where he compares seagulls with the populistic Progress Party- haha!


All the pictures are from this enchanting harbor, but as you’ve probably figured out by now, my blog is more about how the towns I visit make me feel and not so much about where to eat and drink. Haha!


So my spirits are higher now, but my tolerance with people is getting lower all the time. On the train, I slept 4 hours on end just to escape all the talking, all the noises, all the others. Yes, I could have avoided that with some headphones, but I couldn’t find them when I left home.


We’re traveling in less than a week and before that I have to try and locate my summer wear, I think half of it is still in the laundry basket (from last year!) and that says something about my housewife skills, I won’t even try to deny it! πŸ˜‰ haha!


Other than that, I still have 200 pages left from Anna Karenina and I’m starting to get fedd up with how women were viewed at the time. (and little has changed many places)


I’ll leave you with a big plate of mussels and fries, so hoping to be pregnant, so I can get my body back after that! Right now I’m all flesh and hormones and I can do nothing about it. 😦


Wishing you a lovely summer!

xxx, Alina

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