Red Onion Marmelade


How have you been? Sorry for the long absence, these days I’m so lazy I need to really convince myself to participate in anything extra curricular. The cold weather doesn’t help, nor does the fact that I live slightly far away, so that when I’ve set foot in the apartment, I’m not getting out for the life of me. (In Romanian we say it so illustrative as “not even if you drip wax on me”-haha!)But since Xmas is slowly approaching and I’ve invited some of my girlfriends to a Xmas gathering, I thought I’d start making some jams, chutneys and such. This is my first time making red onion marmelade and it’s so good (and easy), you need to give it a try. Let me know how it turned out!


6-10 onions

sunflower oil

a bit of honey towards the end

Chop the onion and let them fry it in a thick-bottomed pan/skillet for 3-4 h, making sure you add some more oil if needed.

Stir occasionally, so that it doesn’t stick.

Have a generous amount of honey towards the end (2-3-4 spoons) and stir.

Let it cool down and put it into fancy jars or cute bowls and serve with chicken/turkey or crackers and cheese.

xxx, Alina

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