Fall at Artichoke

Artichoke has been my favourite coffeeshop in Bucharest for a couple of years now. I love its Berlin-like atmosphere, its tasty coffee, its young staff and their generous approach to fucking up- a couple of sodas on the house go a long way in my book! 😉

fullsizeoutput_83.jpegWe went there both Friday and Sunday, for breakfast and a taste of the city. “You get number 10, the guy behind the bar said. 10 out of 10!” “Awww, I replied!” “Somebody had to say it”, he retorted. That says a little bit about their attitude and it made my day, especially since I’m starting to feel old and I can’t wait to get rid of my ugly braces. 😉 haha! 😉 “I used to be an 8, now I’m a 7”, I thought to myself, but managed to keep it inside, since I’d only be making a fool of myself. 😉 haha!


On Friday we had the breakfast plate- Romanian cheese, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, avocado and surdough toast and it was divine! There was a little cock-up between table 6 and table 9, so we got a couple of “white trash colas” on the house. I’d had it before (for Easter, I think) and I loved it . This time we settled for the poached egg with the guacamole and spinach on a surdough toast and had a bite from their banana bread, sharing it with the others.


The cortado was delicious, the guaccamole complemented the poached egg perfectly , the sandwich had the most mouth-watering flavours. My niece was restless and ran around to and forth with her glittery bag and diadem, looking like a Mini in disguise. My mother was soft and sweet, as always and so was Raluca Enache, whom we met to exchange books (only I’d forgotten mine!) and talk about life in Romania, publishing houses and people’s reading habbits. She painted a gloomier picture than the one you see if you only run up and down the main street for a weekend. 😉 haha!



Kristin says she had a good time and that she wants to go back with her husband and kids. I hope she does. ❤ It’ll be easy without a little girl running around her feet all the time. 😉


I’m looking forward to my next visit, I think I should probably stay away from Romania when it’s cold, since it can be quite depressing, so if not before May, at least I see you then!

xxx, Alina

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