France 2018

This must be the longest holiday I’ve had since childhood, I tell him. So long that I wish we were somewhere in the countryside, so I could at least make some use of my time, like making jam or pulling weeds from the flower bed- haha!

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Kidding, not kidding. 😉 I’m fine, really. I’m reading lots of books, cooking lunch or dinner, sometimes both, going to the beach from time to time, to exhibitions (today it’s one about Picasso, we’ve seen the one about Hitler and the camps), we’ve been on a couple of excursions- a day trip to Aigues Mortes, where we saw the salt fields and three days at Collioure, where we soaked some sun, ate the best salad ever (with anchovies), met a colleague of mine for drinks and longed for the city. In Montpellier, we caught up with F’s uncle and now we’re waiting to get invited to lunch by his aunt.  Otherwise it’s all about summer- walking around in the same clothes (barely nothing), thirsting for a drink, sweating and panting, hair in a bun, toes in the air, all the pretty dresses still on their hangers, ‘cause I can’t bare anything cover my skin.


We walk around the city, entering the same shops for the hundredth time, wishing for the same things- he some English loafers and me a pair of trousers that cost as much on sale as a whole summer wardrobe at full price, we then sit down with a pint of beer in front of us, hiding from the scorching sun, knowing we’ll miss it the moment we leave.


We’re hedonists( I’m pretty good at it, too), but I feel a sense of dutifullness in our traces, like it’s strange to just be and you need a higher purpose for your day.

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Today, for example, I’m a bit panicky on account of nothing else to read, nothing else to wear, of not feeling like letting the sun touch my skin again, of just wanting to hide in the shade with a bottomless glass of rosé and some olives.


Next year I’ll own a driver’s license and so we can cruise around, stopping in all the quaint little towns for ice cream or coffee or both. We decided to take Diana with us for a week next year and do all the child friendly things she feels like doing.

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I’ll leave you here for today, already had 2 French presses, but I’d die for a Cortado, so I need to get ready. 😉

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Hope you have the best of summers, too!

xxx, Alina

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