Amazing Day

Ca-ching! The money came in yesterday and so ended my period of austerity and social unrest. haha! 😉 And since a celebration was in order, I, Sam and Corina decided to go on a small berry picking adventure. I haven’t had so much fun in ages!

Skjermbilde 2017-08-12 18.29.06

We found lots of berries, especially raspberries. Sammy was a cutie, as always, running around freely, smiling with his teeth and barking impatiently at us, when we took our time to forage. He bathed in creeks, ponds and whichever form of water was available nearby.

Skjermbilde 2017-08-12 18.31.22.png

Finally at the top, after two hours’ walk instead of one, I had my usual sour cream porridge  with lots of sugar and butter on top of a fanta! haha! Not exactly any diet meal, but I felt I needed it after all the action. Our friend chose wisely, which is why I didn’t bother to take a picture of her roast beef sandwich. 😉 haha!


This evening we’re going out for a drink at Territoriet, then head over for Kamai, which is supposed to have to die for small dishes with an Asian twist. 😉 Both places are in trendy Grunnerløkka, in other words, quite far from here. haha! Better get ready!

PS. I was supposed to fly to Bergen tomorrow evening and because I hated the prospect of shortening our weekend together, I postponed and postponed. When I finally checked, there were no tickets left, so I’m flying on Monday morning after all. Yey! 😉 Haha!

xxx, Alina


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