Mediterranean Life

Ever since I set my foot in Rhodes, in 2006, I instantly fell in love with the Mediterranean way of life. Although you may think a southern French town like Montpellier has little in common with a sleepy Greek island, I beg to differ. It’s the way of enjoying life, in small portions, be it on the beach, at the local coffee shop or taverna, in one’s own garden or in the streets. I simply love Southern Europe and think I was born to live in one of its countries. How I ended up in Norway is a mystery to me and how I never seem to be able to do anything about it makes me really sad. But what can I do? Move to Greece and turn into a street vendor? No, thanks. I’d rather have a real job and live for the holidays, as sad as that might sound.

_MG_1036.jpgIn my earlier life, during the period I was together with V, we were so interested in people, we got to talk to everybody and made lots of friends everywhere. Now I’m less invested in people and less curious, too. It might have to do with my age, my depression, or simply with reaching that point in life, where being two is enough. So we haven’t made any friends, although I did pet most of the animals that crossed my path and giggled with most babies that saw my way. 😉


Speaking of babies, we’re changing our mind all the time, maybe not, what can a baby possibly add to our happiness, on the other hand, why not, can you imagine having a small person smile at you like no one ever did before, can you imagine a totally helpless being depending on you to survive and loving you unconditionally? And so on.


That being said, we’re set on getting a place of our own in Southern France. A central apartment in a classical building with shutters and a small balcony to sip champagne from at midday. To live there as often as we can and otherwise rent it out to tourists. So stay put, maybe you haven’t missed your chance to have me as your hostess, after all!

xxx, Alina

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