Summer of Desire

I wanted to go to NY so bad this summer, but it’s still not happening. I’m seriously bounded by my expenses until the end of August, when the apartment will be officially out of my hands, which is why I don’t really dare to start dreaming about the (big) summer holiday. But we are going to France and I can’t wait. We’re going to Paris for a couple of days, then Montpellier, where F has family and fond childhood memories and the town will be our base to visit neighbouring places like Collioure. Maybe we’ll go to Nice from there, maybe to Barcelona, maybe settle on a couple of day trips to Marseille and Nimes.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-13 08.38.37.png

Otherwise, life is busy with living arrangements and airbnb guests, I’m starting to hate it, I must admit. 😉 Haha! I did get a nice gift from them the other day and most people staying at my place are lovely. There is though the occasional gin bottle and 6 empty pizza boxes and pubes all over the bathroom, but hey, what was I expecting? 😉 haha!

The weather is moody in Oslo and I’m living from a suitcase at F’s place, so I never have the appropriate attire. haha! Looking forward to moving in with all my clothes and my plants (although most of my shit has to be placed in a storage room somewhere).  Excited about buying balcony furniture and being as close to the woods as we are here.

Miss you guys, drop me a line from time to time!

Source of the pic: and no, there’s no innuendo here! 😉

xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “Summer of Desire

  1. Just a quick note to say that this Australian living in Amsterdam really enjoys your blog (stumbled across your blog via another blog I follow) :-). Similarly struggling with a moody summer here – can’t believe I took all that sunshine for granted growing up in Oz!

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