Kristiansand II

I came home yesterday evening and I’m still drawing my breath. Interpreting is very demanding as it is, but when your colleague is entirely useless and you end up working hours on end because she can’t fix the job she gets paid for, it leaves you dead tired. I really liked her, though, so nothing personal. But as in every other line of work, you need to be qualified, interested and invested to do a good job. Needless to say the system is flawed when you order an “interpreter” for the sole reason that she lives nearby and not her qualifications. So I see myself forced to write a complaint these days. And it’s arghhh, ’cause I don’t like being perceived as a jerk, but then again it’s my job we’re talking about and I take it very seriously._mg_0310Yesterday I was overjoyed when I got a glimpse of the sun on my way to court, but then it started raining all over again. “Norway is such a nice place to live, except for the weather”, said my colleague. I didn’t know what to answer, I felt torn between thinking that weather is everything and the realisation that if it was that bad, I would have probably moved a long time ago. I still dream of moving to Southern Europe, though.
_mg_0316I had a quick lunch after work, but on my way to the airport I got car sick and threw it all up. Luckily I found a bag, otherwise I think I would have dug my own grave out of shame. Besides, my braces retained salad leaves and such and I felt so sickened by it, I almost threw up all over again. :-/_mg_0317So when I finally came home, half asleep and half grey, I felt so weak and at the same time so thankful, I didn’t know what to do with myself. _mg_0314Going out for coffee and lunch now with the bf now. Have a lovely Saturday, peeps!_mg_0321




xxx, Alina

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