Advice against Seasonal Depression

As I’ve often mentioned in my posts, I suffer from chronic depression. It’s not the “worsest” kind, meaning I’ve never been sectioned, I’ve never not gotten out of bed and I’m pretty well-functioning when on medication (which I sometimes forget to take, but for which I’m otherwise grateful as hell). Nevertheless, I have a condition I have to take into account in my daily life as it often makes me tired, have little patience for things and people I don’t care for too much, renders me short tempered and often struggling to give a f*. haha!

On top of my regular and manageable depression, I have this seasonal depression. Or my already existing depression gets worse in winter. Which wouldn’t be such a problem if winter wasn’t never-ending in Norway. It’s no secret I don’t like winter- It’s cold and dark, I don’t ski and I don’t enjoy  being outside too much, as I easily freeze and I’m very vain, so I never put on enough clothes. haha! Consequently, pretty much everything I do in winter is because I have to. I have to walk Sammy, I have to get out of the house, otherwise I know I’ll get crazy, I have to buy groceries, I have to go to work. But every once in a while, the sun comes out and life is so much easier. It’s not a question of “have to anymore”, but of “want to”. So I’ve made a little list with things that aid me see the world in prettier colours, also on a grey winter’s day, hoping you’ll find it helpful, too:

  1. My dog, Samskjermbilde-2017-02-13-15-31-02

2. Paolo Conte’s music, especially Via Con Me

3. A clean home, although I’m bad with this one 😉skjermbilde-2017-02-13-15-32-53

4. A movie, for example Mungiu’s “Graduation”


5. Ice skating with my boy, check out my instagram account for the whole story (theothertran)Skjermbilde 2017-02-13 15.36.32.png

Today was a great day and tomorrow it’s Valentine’s. 😉

I hope you get lots of attention from your loved one and get out in the cold and take a swing around the lake! 😉

xxx, Alina

One thought on “Advice against Seasonal Depression

  1. I am exactly the same. Although, thankfully, living in Sydney is definitely not as cold – but still gets me! Can’t handle any sort of chill at all x

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