September <3

September is my favourite month of the year. I was born 5 days after school start in Romania and every September was a new opportunity to let the world know they had to celebrate me!;-)

I don´t think I liked myself very much between 10 and 30, but then again I never liked a lot of people, either. haha!  I´ve worked hard on accepting myself during the last years, though. As long as I have to live with myself, I´d better start liking myself, too. And liking oneself helps. It´s easier to set boundaries, for one. And hold grudges. haha! And make decisions, even if they hurt. And accept defeat. Or not._MG_7249.jpgThese days I´m quite focused on validating myself and my choices. Maybe because I used to feel life “happened” and now I don´t see myself as a passive party any more. I´m days away from my 36th birthday and it´s a bit scary and a bit cool. I feel like I did back when I was 20, just much more me. And although I´m going through a rough time, I have more peace of mind than I´ve had in ages.

In this world of constant seeking for confirmation I try no to make this just another entry on ME, ME, ME. It´s more an attempt to define myself as a person. To myself.IMG_9134.jpgI love my Sammy, that´s for sure. IMG_0482.JPGAnd Diana, my niece.IMG_1582.JPGAnd Sam. And sunny days. And freelance life. IMG_8676.jpgAnd Sam. And Prosecco. And chips. And black dresses. And red varnish.IMG_7019And Sam. ❤

Have a lovely week!

xxx, Alina

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