New Year´s Eve

I´ve been good for some days now,  keeping busy with work, friends and Sam, going to the movies- 3 films in one week!- and so on. But with New Year lurking around the corner, I hit rock bottom all over again.

I remember a couple of bad New Year´s Eves way back, when I was young, like buying a dress (cause that´s what I used to do every year) and then not knowing where I´d wear it. haha! But I always ended up getting invited to some gig, so I got to wear my dress. You don´t get to laugh at that, I´m dead serious when it comes to dresses! 😉 haha!


(New Year´s Eve two years ago)

It´s not that I want so much for the New Year, I used to have this long list of “achievements” like a house up the hill from my place and so on. Now it seems so vulgar, wanting all these “things”. Not now. Now I only want love and peace of mind. But damn, I think that that´s the most you can ask from life, when you think about it. Everything else comes and goes, in the end you only have yourself and the one you choose to share your life with. If you´re lucky, that is.


(New Year´s Eve 2014, my baby is scared of fireworks. :-/ )

Anyways. Working today, then baking a cake, putting on a pretty dress, taking my Sammy with me and going to my cousin (whom I never get to see otherwise, for some reason or another) to “celebrate” New Year. I just want to eat, drink and not be alone. Nothing more. And I can´t wait for the new year!

What are you doing on the “big” night? 😉

PS. I also wish for a couple of new dresses from Max Mara in the course of 2016. 😉 I´m not that deep! haha!

xxx, Alina


4 thoughts on “New Year´s Eve

  1. I wish I could just spend a quiet night in for NYE for a change… I’m going to some friends’ house, but at least that gives me a chance to wear my new sparkly sequin shorts! 🙂

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