Saturday treats

Yesterday was harsh on my granny self. Had I not known better, I´d swear I was born tired!;-) We left the party at 11, after drinking some coffee, so I wouldn´t embarrass myself too much by leaving at 10, when the others just started to arrive. haha!

I was Morticia and my husband and Sam were Dexter. My friend, Dragana was a holy cow and her husband, Alex was Cardinal Sin. 😉 We had Nicki Minaj, a beduin, a lion (who Sam fell in love with!), a creepy doll, Marie Antoinette, a scary clown, pretty much the whole range of cool costumes. It was lots of fun, but I´m so much of a couch potato that when everybody insisted on standing and dancing, I started feeling out of place after a while. 😉

Today we woke up late and I treated Sammy to a really long walk in the drizzle. The reward for walking that distance in the rain was the prospect of buying a big cup of coffee on our way home. 😉 When the time finally arrived, however, it turned out I had the wrong pin (it´s a card I never use). I was feeling so embarrassed and angry with myself that the barista said I could get the coffee and pay for it another time. 😉 Now that´s what I call a true Samaritan! 😉

Fire in the fireplace, a snoring cat beside me and lots of magazines are today´s recipe for a perfect Saturday. Tomorrow I´m baking American pumpkin pie, stay tuned! What are your plans for the weekend?

10636122_10152799801394246_3099199649616650238_nxxx, Alina


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