Fall wardrobe

Living in Norway has been good to my fall wardrobe. Since the temperature is usually somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees with the exception of a short summer and an occasionally freezing winter, wool, cashmere and silk blends are perfect to combine. This fall I have lengthier trials which call for an impeccable outfit. What better way to managed that than by investing in some classic key pieces that´ll hopefully never go out of fashion! Choose a wool jacket (black, grey or navy), a sweater dress or a chic wool dress, a couple of heels and some cosy sweaters and you´re good to go!;-)

My favorite brand of all time is Max Mara, but I can only afford stuff from them a couple of times a year- when I buy things that last like a camel hair coat, an office bag and some killer heels. Otherwise Fillipa K and Acne have a nice selection of Scandinavian wear and the prices are more in my street. I´ll show you some of my favorite fashion pieces this fall. (PS. There´s a fair chance they´ll be rather similar to last year´s since I tend to like the same type of clothes. ;-))








Sources: Fillipa K (suit), Fillipa K (shoes), Acne (shoes), Valentino (shoes), Chloe (sweater dress), Salvatore Ferragamo (fluffy sweater outfit), Max Mara (dress and golden boots)








4 thoughts on “Fall wardrobe

  1. I like Filippa K! Tiger of Sweden is my go-to brand for classic and timeless pieces. And Ralph Lauren button-downs, they just have such a great fit.

    1. I only have a sweater-jacket type from Tiger of Sweden, but lots of things from Fillipa K. Ralph Lauren I haven´t even tried, I usually stay away from designers that put labels everywhere on their clothes.;-) But Gant and Boss I can do. 😉 My biggest love will however remain French and Italian brands.;-)

      1. They simply have the best fit of all the dressy button-downs I’ve tried so far. But yeah, normally I also prefer not to wear gigantic animals on my chest! 😄

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