Even though the calendar says otherwise, I feel we´re coming towards the end of  summer. Although the air is still warm, most festivals are over (not that I ever attend) and the rain seems to settle in. I started work for real last week and each day is busier than the last one. I don´t mind it, though. A sort of holiday atmosphere is still lingering in the air and people are in a better mood than they were in June, before they left for Italy, Spain, France or Greece. Or stayed at home  and couldn´t believe their luck when summer came to Norway, too.


August has always been my favorite month. Maybe because that´s when we´d go on a holiday to the Black Sea when we were younger. Or maybe because August in Romania means watermelons and grapes.  And since I´m a September child I´ve always felt lucky in August: my birthday was approaching and I still got to wear short sleeves.

This month has been eventful so far and the best is yet to come. Friends are back from their holiday and I finally get to hang out with my favorite people. We celebrated my husband´s birthday at Olympen, on the roof terrace, one of the best places to be in Oslo. We were 20 people and he got loads of gifts- a turntable, LPs, a giant caramel popcorn bucket, movie tickets and booze and was very happy with each and every one of them. 😉

These days I´m working in court a lot, meaning I have predictable hours and real lunch breaks (a luxury as an interpreter and v helpful if one tries to eat healthy). Otherwise I´m going to Trondheim for work for a couple of days and Vuong is coming along. We´ll be living in an average hotel (since everything cool was booked for those days), but we´re looking forward to be sipping drinks on the marina and stroll around the pretty city.

I´ve just started working out and I´m loving it! Pilates, yoga and a little bit of strength exercises. I´m eating healthy and I feel I can allow myself a little bit of sweets every once in a while. Last week I made energy bars with oats and cranberries and they´re perfect both as a takeaway breakfast and  a sweet snack. Recipe coming up soon!

In 10 days´ time we´re leaving for Santorini and I can´t wait. Swimming in the clear blue water, sun-tanning by the pool, drinks on the caldera! Better ease on that caramel popcorn since I want my abs to show! I hear they have good shopping, anybody can confirm that?

This autumn is packed with work, trips and events, so saying good-bye to summer won´t be as hard this year. We´re going to both Paris and Copenhagen and I bought tickets to a John Legend concert here. Bring it on!;-)

Hope you have a wonderful August, people! xxx, Alina

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