Summer wear

These are my favorite pieces this summer! I can´t wait to wear them on chilly evenings at the Oslo marina, on hot afternoon strolls to the nearest taverna in Santorini and on pleasant Parisian nights from a French brasserie to a jazzy bar. Come along!

I just bought these beauties from, they´re from Ancient Greek Sandals and I simply adore them!

You can never go wrong with a Max Mara dress! I´ve been dreaming of their clothes ever since I was a student in Bucharest and would pass their store every other day. I used to think of the day I would finally afford something from their shop! I found the cutest dress when I was in Belgrade, preppy and elegant, it´s going to be my favorite for many summers from now on!

Shorts are another must-have in the summer. I prefer the loose ones since I´m still working at shaping my thighs slim enough to be shown to the world. 😉 These Michael Kors ones from netaporter would do just fine!

Last, but not least, you need a statement clutch! I simply adore this one from Olympia Le-Tan! To be purchased on

3 thoughts on “Summer wear

    1. So do I! Unfortunately, it is way out of my reach, for the time being. 😉 That´s why I love blogging, it takes the pain away!;-) haha!

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