Lisbon, my love

I haven´t been outside Europe yet , but I´ve seen quite a lot of the old continent. And although I knew that there will always be new places to discover and fall in love with, I was still taken aback by Lisbon. What a city! What a vibrant, colorful, charming city! It´s the architecture, the people, the food, the fado, the sweeping views, they all make Lisbon the place of one´s dreams! And let´s not forget the weather! For a Romanian living in Oslo and bitching about it 70% of the time, 5 days of glorious sun were just a soothing patch after a long and grey winter!

But let me tell you more about what you can do in Lisbon! Take the tram 28 and see the city sliding by! Walk from Estrela cemetery towards the city center, stopping by the Jardim da Estrela for the best beef sandwich you´ve ever had!

Shop in Principe Real area, it´s perfect for special shops! If you´re into the famous brands, Avenida da Liberdade can boast with both Max Mara and Louis Vuitton. And in the weekends, don´t miss the Thieves´Market, a charming antiques and rarities marked!

Dine at A Travessa, a wonderful restaurant located in an old cloister, incredibly romantic! The food is exquisite and so is the atmosphere! The waiters are attentive and speak flawless English. Next day, go to Pharmacia by Mirrador, a really cool concept restaurant located in an old mansion, with carefully prepared dishes served from apothecary vessels. For the next day, book tables at Adega Machado in Bairro Alto, a bit in the pricy range, but absolutely worth it for the divine music! Order duck with risotto and the cinnamon ice-cream!

If you´ve seen it all and still have some time on your hands, go to Cascais for a day and stay at the beach sipping caipirinhas! Sintra is a must I hear, but it´ll have to wait for next time. ´Cause I need to book tickets for Lisbon soon!


5 thoughts on “Lisbon, my love

    1. 😉 Nice to see I´m not the only one! In Norway many people go to Barcelona, but I think Lisbon is so much better! More beautiful, less stressful and more value for the money. 😉

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