Holbox Island

Sorry for spamming, I´m home alone with the cat, the dog, a glass of Valpolicella and Billie Holiday. And I feel like sharing my holiday plans with you! Next year, I and my husband will have been married for 10 years, so I invited some of our dearest friends to an exotic holiday (at their own expense!;-)). I thought of different places, beginning with the Maldives and Seychelles, then Mauritius, La Reunion, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii and Zanzibar. They all have their charm and their advantages, the first two are known for being pricy, the others far away, so on and so forth. I keep going back to Holbox, a paradisiac island just outside Cancun in Mexico. It looks divine and it´s not as expensive as the others. Besides, you get to be around the inhabitants and get the Mexican spirit instead of being isolated in a resort. I dream of wearing my gorgeous wedding dress again, this time barefooted on the beach, with a crown of white flowers and a glass of champagne. And share this moment with my love and my closest friends.


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