Saturday Evening

After spending a whole day at F’s aunt eating “lunch”, we went for a glass in the old town, thinking we’d book a table for dinner later on. It was still hot, though not suffocating any more and since we’d driven for halv an hour in a car without air condition, my dress and his t-shirt were soaked with sweat. Happy to find some shade, we ordered a glass of rosé and people watched for a couple of hours.


There were couples, ladies with dogs, bohemians, hipsters, the guys in white t-shirts, that we managed to see from three different angles, I couldn’t have asked for a better back drop for such good models. 😉


A beer and some rosé later, there was still no sign of hunger, so we decided to go home and relax and just prepare something from the fridge if we’d feel like eating at some point later.


Today we went to a Francis Bacon exhibition at Musé du Fabre, now I’m waiting for my better half to wake up, so we can go to the beach. I’m not so into my book, so I need to buy a magazine asap.


Missing my Sammy like I can’t even begin to tell you, two weeks since I saw him last, but I’m getting pictures of him every day and try to cuddle with all the dogs I see. 😉

Where and how are you spending your summer holiday? 😉

xxx, Alina



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