Sunday calm

Life goes on and it has a strange way of figuring itself out, just like people say it will. So I find myself on the right track again (back to some sort of normality, that is). I´m dining out some, making dinner again (only a couple of times now, but hey, it´s a start!), answering my phone (if you´re lucky, that is) and enjoying life to the fullest-movies and moon light. 😉 New beginnings are so beautiful, but they tend to take up all your energy, so I sometimes retreat to my work and poetry. And I allow myself to freak out from time to time. 😉



Yesterday I was invited to a friend´s 40th birthday in Hvaler, a lovely little resort 2 hours’ bus ride outside Oslo. We were two friends who took the bus, so it was great fun-chit chatting, snacking and dosing off. After 3 hours of dinner and laughs, I took the bus back to Oslo, sleeping through the entire ride, music in my ear, waking up only when I was drooling all over my own face. 😉 haha!


The other day we had coffee and breakfast at this little cute café not so far from my place, called Lille Tøyen Kolonial while Sam was howling outside in the snow, made me feel like Cruella Deville, but what to do, they don´t allow dogs inside in Norway. 😦


Friday evening we dined at Kolonihagen , where the atmosphere is amazing and the food didn´t let us down, either. They might have tried too hard on the dessert, though, the combination for the panna cotta was a bit odd. But they do have great decor, so I´ll let it slide this time. 😉






After a long bus ride, drinks were in order. After all, it was Saturday night. 😉 Olympen was just the right place, on our way home and besides boasting of the biggest chandeliers in town.


Sundays are holy. I´m back to basics again. Coffee and Monsieur Beo on my lap- such bliss! ❤

xxx, Alina

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