Omg, I´m in Istanbul today and had I not posted my delay on Fb, I most probably wouldn´t have heard about the terror attack! :-/ Turkish Airlines is a rubbish company and so I solemnly declare that this was my first and last time with them! I almost lost my connection on my way to Romania on account of their delay and now, on my way back to Oslo, they were so late that I had to spend my entire afternoon in line for a new ticket, with a wannabe Don Juan hitting on me incessantly. Arghhh! I tried everything- passive, passive-agressive, bitter, annoyed, arrogant, but nothing seemed to work, he was so sure of himself it made me vomit. Finally he got a ticket to Algeria this evening and I´m on the first plane to Oslo tomorrow, so I was spared for his company the rest of the day. Phew!

I got a 5 stars´ hotel room somewhere “in the city”, even needed to purchase a visa, since I´m a Norwegian citizen (when does that ever happen, that being Norwegian is worse than being Romanian?!), but by 5 o´clock I was too tired to explore anything. I went straight to the minibar and found me the white wine, changed into a comfortable gown and nibbled on some pistachio chocolate.  And at 7 o´clock dinner was served, the free kind of dinner that´s just so very sad you feel like shedding a tear or two. haha! Tasted all right, but I´d rather have paid for a jolly atmosphere.


This is my king bed and, had it not been +45 degrees C  in the room now (I don´t know how that´s even possible!), I would go straight to bed, ´cause I have to wake up at 4:30. :-/

Fuck you very much, Turkish Airlines!

xxx, Alina




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