Traveling plans

The year hasn´t really started yet and it seems that most of the places we wanted to visit have been replaced by others already. 🙂 I don´t know about you, but with us it´s always like that. And as much as I love making plans and stick to them, nothing beats having to make new plans altogether. haha! 😉

So tomorrow we´re going to Vienna to meet my family, it´s a short trip, but I´ve been looking forward to it for several months now. So I and V, mom and dad, brother and sister-in-law, as well as the star guest- our niece- will all be staying at the same hotel and enjoy ourselves for a couple of days. Looking forward to chatting and drinking beer with everybody, try the hotel massage and sauna and sip to Viennese coffee at one of their venerable old coffee houses. Oh, and I need to dig into an apfelstrudel, it´s my all-time favorite dessert!

In May we´re planning a spring trip to Romania with a couple of friends, I hope they´re still up to it.;-) It´s supposed to be for a week and I´d love to be able to show them both the city life and some countryside gems, but we´ll see how much we´ll manage. l´ll probably throw in a couple of extra days to be with my family, too.

July is the surprise I´ve been talking about!  Turns out we´re going to a wedding in Wales, just got invited! I´m so excited I´ve already booked the accommodation!;-) It looks like a Midsummer dream! 😉 Beaches and a bit of a wild nature, getting to go somewhere we´d probably never think of going otherwise and stopping for London first! Last time we were there is a good 3-4 years ago and we started missing it badly. We also have some friends living there, which makes it an easier and more interesting place to be. What about you? Any holiday plans, yet?

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xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “Traveling plans

  1. I know the feeling – it always seems as soon as I cross one destination off my list, I’m adding three new ones! I’ll be going to Berlin at the end of January and I’m hoping for an extended weekend in London this spring. Otherwise we’ll probably spend some time in the summer house and with my fam in Germany 🙂 Happy travels to you, your trips sound great!

  2. Sounds lovely! I love Berlin, it´s such a vibrant city! And you can never go wrong with London! 🙂 Enjoy! I wish we had a summer house, too! I´m working on it!;-) Happy travels, too!

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